About soulstar

”I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring…”
…David Bowie said this about his work and Soulstar can subscribe to this. They like to experiment, without being vague.

“We like real songs!” Hard, defiant and energetic, but also critical, funny, warm & loving. Electro meets rock and their great love for graphic design make their appearance very special.

Soulstar is inspired by the diversity of Prince, David Bowie, The Gorillaz and Soulwax, the moods from Radiohead, Elbow and Faithless, but also the energy from bands like The Police, Underworld, LCD Soundsystem and Foo Fighters. Mix it up with the classic songwriting skills from The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Neill Young and you’ll get a surprising blend.

And like Bowie said: “it won’t be boring.”

Soulstar is:
Gooswijn W. van Rees – lead vocals & bass

Iwan Blokzijl – keyboards & vocals
Alejandro del Puente – guitars & vocals
Marco de Haan – drums & vocals

The early days

Soulstar started off playing old skool soul, p-funk and rock. In 2005 founded by Gooswijn van Rees (Chain of Fools/Band of Glory) and with the help of producer Dries Bijlsma (Typhoon, Seven League Beats, Band of Glory) they released their first demo ‘Bringing the funk into the future Baby‘. It had some good reviews, Soulstar made it to the finals of ‘De Oogst van Overijssel’, were voted ‘local hero at LiveXS’, had some airplay and started playing gigs, including Paradiso, Amsterdam.

During recording their first EP, band members came and went and it was the prelude for a change. With the coming of keyboard player and producer Iwan Blokzijl (City Jam / Band of Glory) they kicked of a radical change towards a more modern, electronic rock sound. The recordings of this first EP were never finished…

A new direction

With this new musical direction they started working on their first EP. In the meanwhile they released in 2009 their first successful video titled: Feed the Machine. This video is fully hand drawn, directed & produced by Soulstar and features NYC reverent Billy from the Church of life After Shopping. His anti-consumer message supports Soulstars’ song Feed the Machine that speaks about a consumer society going haywire.

Before releasing their first EP they did a second video titled My Heart aka the ‘Less than 750 euros video’. Why? The goal was to do a killer music video under a tight budget; only 750 euros. This video was directed by Pol Cercós Güell from Barcelona.

In 2011 they proudly presented their first EP “Face the Music” at the Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle. That same year they were on the shortlist for the Nederlands Online Film Festival (NOFF) with two nominations for My Heart and another music video: Face the Music.

7 Signs of Life

By 2012 Soulstar took some time off to work on their second EP and to redefine their musical direction. They have also build a new studio to write & record their own songs.

On the 8th of November Soulstar will release their second EP called: “7 Signs of Life” in Hedon, Zwolle.
With new drummer Marco de Haan (Mine / Hey Kid/ PTS) and new guitar player Alejandro del Puente (AudioPorn).