But if God

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Some say we’re born out of evil
Some say we’re here to do right
Some say we wonder in darkness
Some say we live in the light

Some say we came down from heaven
Some say we came from the sea
And some say we started off as monkeys
And then came down from the tree

But if God created man
He must have had a weird sense of humor

Some say we’re guarded by angels
And some say we stand on our own
And some say we’re here for each other
And some say we’re always alone

And some say the truth lies within us
And some say we’re too blind to see
Whatever way you explain it
You know it’s all right with me

But if God created man
He must have had a strange sense of humor

But if God – oh God – created man
He must have had a sick sense of humor

Written, recorded & produced by Gooswijn van Rees & Iwan Blokzijl Mixed by Iwan Blokzijl & Okke van Dijk Mastered by Erwin Maas  Gooswijn van Rees – Lead vocals, bass Iwan Blokzijl – Keyboards Dries Bijlsma – Guitars Marco Nelemaat – Drums